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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Dog to be Trained at  Sassafras K-9             
10. You need the 3 weeks to repair all the damage to your home!
9.  A trained dog and you walking through the park - Two Words: DATE TONIGHT! 
8.  His bad behavior is so out of hand, you saw him on America 's Most Wanted. 
7.  His brother the Police Dog is always telling him to “get a job!” 
6. Your accountant informed you that shoe purchases are now 50% of your household budget! 
5. Your dog thinks that “come” means “run as fast as you can away from your master.” 
4. When you come home from work, you entertain the idea of entering the house through a bathroom window to avoid being greeted by your dog. 
3.  The only trick he knows is how to knock over the trash can. 
2.  He was thrown out of puppy class on sexual harassment charges. 
1 . One of you has got to go! And Sassafras K-9 only boards DOGS!!!!!!!!! 
Hours of Operation 

Individual training sessions, Private in-home training, and boarding are made available by appointments.  

Monday - Saturday
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Appointments Only

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          Training Director
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Call Today!  (703) 869-7425 
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Ricky Gallaway is the Owner and Training Director for Sassafras K-9, LLC.  Rick has extensive experience training and working in the law enforcement field and with K9s.  Prior to his departure from law enforcement in 1996, Rick gained great respect and honor from many in his field from New York to Virginia.  His law enforcement career began with the New York City Probation Department Felony Warrant Division.  After accomplishing all that he could in New York, Mr. Gallaway found himself transitioning to the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office in Arlington, Virginia. After 11 months with the Sheriff’s office Rick was promoted to Deputy Sheriff II.  In addition to, his regular duties as a deputy sheriff, Rick was a field-training officer where he trained new officers coming into the sheriff’s office. Regardless, of his career and/or life demands, Rick always kept his first love for training canines and security effective, eventually forming Sassfras K-9.

In 1988, Rick’s canine career began with showing Rottweilers in the American Rottweiler Verein (ARV).  After 12 years of showing Rottweilers, Rick finally purchased his first Belgian Malinois, Storm.  Rick’s love for the Belgian Malinois led him to a sport that provided him the opportunity to enhance and demonstrate the passion he had for training.  After becoming a charter member with the Protection Sports Association (PSA), Rick started competing.  This is where Rick introduced Rex, his Belgian Malinois, who was always an amazing crowd pleaser. Rick and Rex won various awards that included numerous first place awards.  Rick and his new joy, Rocket toured the PSA circuit and competing at PSA level 3.  Rick have won various awards which includes: PSA Tagor V. Joe Farm Memorial Award-High in Trial Protection, PSA Ben V. Lowenfels Memorial Award-High in Trial Obedience, Thor Memorial Award High Owner Trained Club Award and Robert Wademan & Senna Memorial Award – High Owner Trained Club Award. He also, sits as trial judge for the newly formed American PolitieHond Association (APA) were he plans to share his experience and knowledge with those looking to gain more proficiency on the competitive level.

A relentless learner, Rick has attended and completed numerous training seminars on Obedience, K9 Patrol and Apprehension, E-Collar Usage and Protection Theory and Application.  An avid believer in continuous education allows Rick to be the best at what he loves.  Being able to provide best training for his clients is what Rick prides himself on most.  As the Owner and Training Director of Sassafras K-9, LLC you will find him personally overseeing all phases of the training performed at his facility. By doing so, he assure all, both novice and competitive clients, that training will be to their satisfaction. At Sassafras K-9, we motivate your canine to perform the behavior that you desire.   

At Sassafras K-9, we MOTIVATE your CANINE to perform the behavior to make YOU HAPPY!!

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