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Obedience Training

3 WEEK Residential Board and Training program
$2,475.00  without Remote Collar (On Leash)
$2,899.00 with Dogtra Remote Collar (Off Leash)

Unfortunately we all do not have the time and/or energy necessary to address the training needs of our dogs.  However, those dogs still need the necessary attention, guidance and training  to ensure they are well mannered and problem free additions to the family/home.  Our Residential Obedience program will provide that guidance and training.  The Residential Obedience program is a three (3) week program, where the dog will reside at our facility.  The goal of the program is to address all the basic behaviors (Sit, Down, Come, Healing).  This program will also lay a foundations to address problem issues identified by the owner (such as jumping, mouthing, etc).   AT PICK-UP you will receive a ONE hour after training briefing.  Additionally, you will be required to complete 3 (THREE) weekly 30 minute follow-up sessions. The follow-up sessions are designed to work directly with the family to ensure proper handling of the dog as well as supervise the on-going training necessary once the dog is reunited with the family.  This program includes LIFETIME REFRESHER sessions at the owner' s request. 

During (Basic) Obedience Training, a prong collar collar may be | (Advance)  Remote collar will be used

IF a prong collar is recommended to assist with the transition back home it is solely the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER to monitor and adjust the collar accordingly to ensure the dog is safe and free from injury. 

All SUGGESTIONS and RECOMMENDATIONS are subject to the OWNERS approval and discretion.   

             The owner has the final word to incorporate any suggestions made.

 10 Private Lessons at the facility = $1,700  
10 Private Lessons in your home = $1,900 

Our Ten (10) lesson private session package is designed to work directly with all members of the family that will have day to day contact with the dog.     We offer both IN YOUR HOME and at the FACILITY packages.  Both of these will be on-leash training programs.

Personal Protection (Price TBD based on client training needs)

Individual needs for a personal protection dog may vary.  Our protection training programs are client specific.  Sassafras K-9 also takes pride in researching and selecting the proper dog for protection  (sport or personal) work.  If you do not have a dog, Sassafras K-9 can secure a dog with the proper nerves and stability that we will train to your guaranteed satisfaction. Please contact Rick to discuss your individual goals.

                                          Day Care ($20 half day, $25 dollars full day)
                 ($100 for full week (Mon - Fri) all day package)

​No need to leave your dog at home in a crate all day or worry if your home will be destroyed.  No need to frustrate your neighbors because your dog has separation anxiety.  Bring your dog to doggie day care where your pet will be under safe, fun, and constant supervision.  Your dog will run and play with dogs his/her own size to provide a little extra safety.  Socialized and if any problems are identified you will be alerted of training tips to correct.  Shots (Bordatella, Parvo-Distemper, and Rabies) must be up to date prior to enrollment.    Day Care hours are 7 am to 7 Pm

Boarding  ($50 per day)
Boarding is done by appointment only!
Each outdoor run is 5x10 covered with dog house for additional comfort
Each dog is housed indoor in individual compartments for safety and comfort
Exercised 3 times per day on our 2 acre fenced in training field 
Brushed Daily (No Additional Fees)

 ONE TIME payment of $5,000 for LIFETIME Boarding of your dog
You will be able to make last minute appointments and board for up to 16 days per uninterrupted stay for the life of your ownership of the registered dog. NO BLACKOUT DATES

   Inquire about our Pick-Up and Delivery Services 

For more information contact us at:

Phone: (703) 869-7425 
Email: Services@SassafrasK9.com

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